Things To Consider When Setting Up A New Multimedia Room

Having a home theater system and a multimedia room is a great way to bring the whole family together and enjoy some time together watching a movie. If you have the space to set a media room up, there is no limit to the things you can do with it. Select Your Space Space is often at a premium for growing families, so finding room for a home theater system that is more than just surround sound can be tough. Read More 

Turning Your Basement Into A Multi-Media Dream Studio? 3 Best Tips For Better Sound Quality

Watching an epic flick in a high-quality movie theater or hearing your favorite music performed from a professional sound stage were once rare, but very special, events in the life of the learned audio or video connoisseur. But advancements in audio and video technology have made it possible for almost anyone to enjoy this type of entertainment in the comfort of their own home. Even more exciting is the fact that many talented audio and video enthusiasts are finding a way to turn their hobbies into successful, home-based business ventures, such as narrating audio files for the self-publishing market or doing voice overs and background sound effects for marketing and advertising firms. Read More 

Fiberscopes and Four Types of Medical Tests Made Possible by Using Them

When it comes to the field of health and medicine, many advances have been made to ensure patients are as comfortable as possible during tests and procedures. For instance, at one time, the only way to see inside a certain of the body was to do it surgically. Thanks to something called a fiberscope, however, it is possible to see the inside of the human body without having to take any invasive measures. Read More 

Hearing Loss And Tests: What You Need To Know

If you feel like hearing people talk or hearing music is something that is becoming more difficult, it may be time to talk to your doctor about getting a hearing test. These specialized tests are designed to measure your current ability to hear different pitches and frequencies, and can help better pinpoint the measure of hearing loss as well as possible causes. How Does Hearing Work? When humans hear sounds, they receive sound waves through the air that go into the nerve endings of the ear. Read More